Time to re-join Slimming World!

Those famous last words eh? .. But no – I am on it this time. We get married in 600 days. I’m sure I had written down 900 days to go just last week on one of our ‘Wedding Countdown’ chalkboards! Eeeeeeek!! I want to feel great at our wedding.

I’ve done diets on and off for years. Weight Watchers, Herbalife, The Bloody Cabbage Soup Diet!? (veg soup for lunch and dinner every day. SRSLY??) – you name it I’ve tried it. I was starving myself. The minute I started eating normal again the weight piled back on. JUST FAAAAB.

The only one I hadn’t tried was Slimming World. So I joined a group with my friends mum and thought – WOW I can actually eat??? Pasta, Rice, Potatoes, Bread – I am a carb queen. This was right up my street! Aaaand I love cooking! So fast forward around two years, here I am still doing Slimming World on and off.  I tend to stumble round about that 1 stone loss. I’ve never got as far as my 1 and a half stone award albeit that award is my absolute aim every time I re-start. (I’m always almost so close!) Life gets in the way – a holiday, a weekend away, one night out turns into a full day off plan the day before followed by 3 days off plan recovering. Aaand the amount of times I’ve said – ‘I’ll start on Monday!’ because you can’t possible start a diet on any other day eh?!?! I know I’m not alone…

IMG_2009 (002)

I’ve recently been diagnosed with a gluten allergy. Well to be honest I self diagnosed and the Doctor confirmed it. Dr Terri at your service.Numerous Doctors appointments over the years and always being sent away with a prescription for Omeprazole!? Well at least I was never going to experience heartburn!  ha. 

So, I feel that’s played a big part in my weight loss journey. I’ve been eating all of the wrong things. I’ve never felt betrayal like it when I found out my beloved pasta was actually killing me. Imagine feeling bloated for 8 years solid??? That must surely affect the number on the scales.

So now I’ve been totally gluten free for 106 days and I feel fabulous. No more bloating!!

I’ve been enjoying trying new GF things and GF recipes – and my fiancé is none the wiser. He will eat whatever I’m cooking – no complaints. He’s great. (I’m not gonna pretend we haven’t totally indulged in all the bad GF things either. We sometimes play the game of who can bring in the most amazing GF cake/dessert tonight!? Paul always wins!) Oh and I’ve found it’s sooo different going out for dinner now (something I was really worried about), but to my delight 80% of restaurants either have a GF menu or are so understandable and can adapt something for you. Love it!

Anyway, back to Slimming World!

So I’m trying to adapt to a new Gluten Free lifestyle whilst doing Slimming World – substituting my pasta for GF pasta, regular bread for GF bread (Genius is the worst brand I’ve tried!) and I’ve even had to buy different stock cubes and soy sauce – Slimming World staples!! This is why Slimming World is fab – I’m cooking from scratch so I know exactly what I’m putting into my meals – (NO GLUTEN) and I’m finding it quite easy so far. Still haven’t found a good substitute for a Healthy Extra B Gluten Free Bread. Current fav is the Warburtons Newburn Bakehouse pre-sliced loaves. They’re good! Not sure if they are definetly classed as a B choice, but they’re small, thin slices so I don’t see why not. Im’ma keep using them!  : )

I know Christmas is coming up and that’s when most people fall off the bandwagon. I probably will be one of those people who will be standing outside my SW group on January 1st! For now, the meals I’m cooking at night are totally SW friendly and leftovers are popped in a Tupperware for the next days lunch – sorted!

I’ve got a Slimming World instagram on the go to keep me motivated and on track. My username is terrid_sw is you wanna give me a little follow!

So here’s me 10lbs down toddling along, adapting to my Slimming World ‘Gluten Free’ friendly lifestyle, I’ll enjoy my Christmas (and my individual GF Xmas puddings!) and be back at it 100% as of 2018!

xoxo Terri.

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