Week 1 back on Slimming World – Done!

So I did it. One full week back on plan- complete! Aaaaand the cherry on top – I lost 4lbs! chuffed to bits. No doubt that’s just my body re-adjusting to normal eating again, and probably a chunk of that was water weight – but a loss is a loss!

IMG_2894 (002)

I’ve found this week quite easy. Probably because its been exciting trying new recipes and cooking again – plus eating completely different to what I was over Christmas. No chocolate for breakfast this week! And, what’s even easier is when your other half wants to join in too, so I’ve been helping him with his syns and what Healthy Extras to have – and it’s completely refreshing my mind!

I’ve drank a lot of water, got a fair amount of speed in and haven’t restricted myself either. We went to see Jumanji on Friday night and shared a large bag of salted popcorn – amazing. 

I went back to work on Wednesday but Paul was still off til Monday so he had dinner ready for me on Wednesday night – Chicken with onions and mushrooms done in the oven and some boiled rice. Totally syn free! He did good : )

Thursday I popped a chicken tikka masala in the slow cooker in the morning and got Paul to keep his eye on it during the day. Friday night we had a Chicken stir fry with rice noodles, full of speed! Oh how I’ve missed vegetables!!

Saturday was our 7 year Anniversary, (well technically its the 1st January, but we always do something with our families on New Years Day and tend to celebrate our Anniversary on the nearest weekend), so we booked a table at Miller & Carter (GLUTEN FREE MENU!!) and had probably the second nicest steak of my life (best one being from Stripsteak in the Fontainebleu in Miami obvz – $300 bill later it better have been the best steak ever!)

Stuffed peppers, chicken fried rice, curries, pasta – what’s not to love about SW??

Plus! My non scale victory this week was actually using my Healthy Extra A allowance – something I used to miss out. I’d take a splash of milk in my tea/coffee, absolutely not enough each day to call it my HE A.  But since receiving my Christmas gift of a Nespresso Aerochino machine I can’t get enough HE A! Its amaaaaazing. I have one in the morning with my breakfast, (usually a Darkhan FAV or a Ristretto, one of the stronger ones to wake me up!) and one in the evening after my dinner (love the Rosabaya and the Roma!) so thanks Paul for helping me get my HE A allowance in!   ( :

Roll on week two weigh in, which is actually tomorrow morning as I type this. Hoping for a pound or two off! But we will see what the dreaded scales say tomo!

xox Terri.

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