Maybelline Tattoo Brow review

So, I have like no brows. Ok, I obviously have eye brows, but maybe only 4.5 hairs on each brow. So anything that is gonna make me look like I have more going on up there – count me in!

I get up in the morning, shower and sit down to paint my face. The majority of that time is spent perfecting my brows. I brush them through with the spooly, outline and slightly fill them in with my Anastasia Beverly Hills Brow Wiz, go in with my Anastasia Beverly Hills pomade in Ebony and then seal with the ABH brow gel. So fourrrr different steps and 15 minutes later – I’m running late for work!



So imagine my delight when I came across this! (albeit it took me three Superdrugs, a Semi-chem and a Boots to find it!) – at ยฃ12.99 it better work!

Paint on, leave for at least 20 mins, peel off – INSTANT BROWS! For up to 3 days? It can’t be that simple?





I left them on for the maximum time recommended of 2 hours – the longer you leave it the longer they last sort of thing.



So, it totally works! ยฃ12.99 well spent. I feel a bit more confident when I look in the mirror now with no makeup on. I feel I could actually leave the house bare faced.

I can’t wait to get ready for work in the morning now as I’m sure it’ll take me half the time to get my face on ๐Ÿ˜‰


xoxo Terri.

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