February 2018 favourites

I can’t believe it’s the 2nd of March already. The snow here in Scotland is something else. Over 4ft in parts of my street, so you can only imagine 5ft me trying to make it out the door to work.. not happening! I’ve been off for the past three days now so thought what better way to pass my time than do a February Favs on my blog! A bit of everything, some random, some must haves.. but here’s what I’ve been loving throughout the whole of February (and most of January!!)

Mario Badescu facial sprays

mario badecu

These have been my ultimate favs throughout the month. I use them before applying my makeup (just like a primer), during and after. They soothe your skin and are great for adding a bit of moisture back in. I even just give my face a spray when I’m walking past my makeup table and see them sitting there. I bought mine from Beauty Bay!

Huda Beauty FauxFilter Foundation

huda beauty

Again, bought from Beauty Bay! I’ve been loving this. Its medium coverage so I usually do about two layers, with my Real Techinques beauty sponge. I’m in the shade Toasted Coconut and its a great shade for when I haven’t done my tan but I’m not quite a ghost either! Love it. So easy to apply.

Anastasia Beverly Hills glow kit in ‘That Glow’

anastasia beverly hills that glow

I’ve had this for over a year now and I’ve found myself reaching for it everytime I’ve done my make up recently. I’ve re-fallen in love with the shade ‘Bubbly‘ – it’s gorgeous. And I’ve even been layering it with ‘Sunburst‘ for that lil bit extra! I use a small fan brush and I’ll dust some on the tops of my cheek bones, above the outer parts of my eyebrows and down the bridge of my nose! BEAUT!

Now for the random bits!

Asda Lentil Curls

asda crisps

These crisps are amaaaaazing. 98kcal per pack so 5 syns if you’re following Slimming World. Sour Cream and Onion flavour. You get quite alot in a packet too! Highly recommend.

Matcha Green Tea


I love good old herbal/green tea anyway, so thought I’d give this a bash. Well I love it. If you like the taste of green tea – be sure to give this a go. If you don’t, maybe steer clear. It’s got a verrrrry strong ‘green tea’ taste! Half teaspoon is all you need, mixed with a dash of boiling water and mix it into a paste, then top up with extra boiling water. You can also make lattes etc from this but I haven’t attempted them yet! I got mine from eBay, but I know Holland and Barrett will sell it too! Give it a try 🙂

Alpro Soya Milk


So, you may know by now that I have a gluten allergy. Well I still get what feels like a flare up every now and again (nowhere near as often as I did whilst still eating wheat mind you!) so I’m trying to cut down on dairy to see if that is an issue too. I love my Nespresso machine with the Aerochino Frother and I’ve heard that some dairy free milks just don’t froth as well as regular milk. So I found this little beauty. It froths up no problem – if not better! And I can literally taste no difference. I’ve tried almond milk and I am just not a fan! This though = WINNER! (whys it got to be so dear tho????? not my fault the gluten and dairy free life chose me)

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