6 months gluten free and what I’ve learned..

Well there we have it. 28/09/2017 D-Day. It’s been 6 months since I’ve knowingly engrossed in anything wheat, barley, rye or oat related. And have I missed it? Absolutely not. Have I missed feeling bloated everyday, and not been able to stand up straight at times? Who actually would?!

I thought it would be super hard to cut it out, as almost everything you pick up in the supermarket shelves contains it, but I’ve been pleasantly surprised. Asda, M&S, Tesco, Sainsburys all have a dedicated ‘Free From’ section – which I head straight for these days! And more and more restaurants are catering for allergies. I always thought I’d have to order a salad when I was out. Hell no. Get yourself to the Amber Regent chinese in Glasgow for instance – they’ve got a full on Gluten Free menu. Gluten free Salt’n’Chilli chicken here I come! I certainly ain’t missing out 🙂

I’m a big lover of carbs. Amen, am I right?? So trying gluten free pasta was first on the list. Not a big fan of the gluten free spaghetti, I’d say that was the only pasta shape that tastes a bit different, texture wise. All of your shorter pastas though – penne, fusilli, macaroni – there ain’t no difference.

You can even buy gluten free alphabet letters from Poundworld! Yes I squealed when I saw these…

Bread. Here’s a taboo subject. Most of it is rank rotten, I’ll admit. It’s all been about trial and error. Warburtons gluten free – by far the best when it comes to sliced loaves, and their tiger bread is to die for. M&S white gluten free rolls is where it’s at. They have become my new obsession. Schar ciabattas are delightful. My freezer in constantly stocked with them. I’m actually heading to a Hen Party in Marbella in a few weeks and I’ll be sure to pack a packet or two in my suitcase for emergencies!

Eating out. I thought this would be a struggle, but all it takes is a quick google of the menu beforehand and most places either have a full on gluten free menu or some things are marked ‘GF’ in their main menu. A few favs are the Amber Regent Chinese in Glasgow (as mentioned above) . Their salt’n’chilli chicken is something else. I’ve been twice and ordered it both times. Also the lettuce wraps. Holy Moly.Amazing. Maggie Mays don’t so much offer a gluten free menu, but I’ve been in and have been informed they have gluten free burger buns so I of course ordered one. Couldn’t tell the difference! Miller and Carter. Gluten free menu provided. One of the best steaks ever! Boteco do Brasil in Edinburgh – practically everything is gluten free. The Moqueca is kind of like a curry – deeeelish. Memo to self – I need to go back here. 

I’ve even been doing some gluten free baking. My gluten free banana bread is actually a bit famous. Just call me Terri Berry – recipe to follow. And baking my own bread in my bread maker – M&S bread mix has been the nicest so far.. oh and GLUTEN FREE HOT CROSS BUNS??? Who knew they were a thing?? – of pure genius might I add. *runs to supermarket to see if there’s any reduced after Easter*

So 6 months on – it’s not been too bad. I’m in a routine with it, I know what I’m buying in the shops, what to look for on labels and I feel incredible! 🙂


xoxo Terri.


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