March 2018 favourites

Well, March came and went – in what seems like 10 seconds. I had quite a busy month, both myself and my debit card i mean.. So it’s only right I share some of my favourite purchases with you, right?!


Lets start off with beauty buys..

The Ordinary foundation


Well this was an amazing find. It literally cost £6 from ASOS and is up there with some of the best foundations I’ve ever tried. My initial thought for this was – this would be great to either lighten or darken up a foundation as it has quite a runny consistency. So I bought two shades – 1.2 light and 2.1 medium and that’s exactly what I’ve been doing. We’ve had snow now for like 2 months on and off so I’ve been freezing and in no mood to start applying fake tan – so ‘Casper‘ here has been lightening up some of her fav foundations with this and its been brilliant!


BH Cosmetics Nude Blush palette 


I’ve always been the kind of girl who never appreciated a good blush. I have one Mac one and one from Nars and I just go between the two. So I thought I’d branch out and try a blush palette. My life has been made. Who knew there was this many blush shades? I had just been using the two hot pink ones in my makeup drawer and aimlessly blending them out till I resembled something other than a china doll. Loving this! Much more neutral. Bought on Beauty Bay!


Mario Badescu cucumber tonic mask 

_13260132               IMG_3796 (002)

I’m getting right into the Mario Badescu products. I love the Drying Lotion and the two facial sprays from my last months favourites. So I thought lets try a mask! I bought this without reading the ingredients and then realised – oh dear it contains Wheat! Now I know I obviously can’t eat Gluten, but I wasn’t sure if my skin would react to it? So I tried it anyway and I survived! It’s like a clay mask, that you have to wash off afterwards. I tend to use an exfoliating glove with some warm water as it can be stubborn (and that way I’m exfoliating at the same time!) My skin felt silky smooth afterwards and no flare up! Yayyy. 



Dove moisturiser


While we’re on the subject of skincare..

Now this is an oldie but a goodie. I suffer with quite oily skin, yet its very dry in some patches. Combination I guess you could say. So its hard for me to find a moisturiser that can combat both. I was having a clear out, re-organising our bathroom cabinet and I found this and thought I’ll give it a go. I’ve been loving it. It feels so much more luxurious than a £3 moisturiser – usually found at the travel size section! 



Now for some Gluten Free finds!

Sharwoods Chinese Curry Sauce 


I literally done a happy dance in the middle of the aisle in Tesco when I read the ingredients list on this. NO GLUTEN!!! Me and Paul used to lovvvvve the Mayflower Curry Sauce powder but it’s full of Gluten, so I’ve not been able to use it. I’ve tried the ASDA takeaway version of the curry sauce (which is also Gluten Free), but it wasn’t great, it was faaaar to sweet. We like our curries with a bit of a kick. So I was soooo excited when I saw this. We actually tried it for dinner last night and I can confirm that this will be a cupboard staple in our house from now on! I put onions and diced chicken in a pan with some ginger, salt and pepper, waited till it was all cooked through and added the jar of sauce. It was deeeeelish. – I’d probably go a little easier on the ginger next time round as it ended up a taaaad spicy!



M&S Made without Wheat white rolls

(picture credit to  Gluten Free Alice – because I purely forgot to take one and why is there no pictures of these online anywhere?!?!.. so thank youuuuu Alice! Glad you are loving these too!)


So, holy moly. The best GF rolls yet. I can literally taste no difference between these and a normal white roll. I have been loving sitting down to a roll and bacon on the weekend with one of these. I haven’t found any big air holes through these like you find in the Schar ciabattas (although they are some of my fav too!). Absolute must try!


Bfree snack size pitta breads 


Last but certainly not least. These are awesome. Around 70/75cal per pitta so a perfect low calorie lunch option. I’ve had some of these over Easter Weekend toasted and filled with warm chicken and salad. Tasty! Highly recommend.


That’s all for March folks. Hope you enjoyed!

xoxo Terri.




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