Hitting a plateau..

So, you know that point where you hit a wall with your diet? Well that’s where I’m at. I’m 12lbs down since the start of January – which is great, it’s a lot better than where I started from. But I was hoping to be a hell of a lot lighter by this point..

January, February, March – I hammered Slimming World. But towards the end I started gaining 1lb, losing 1lb, staying the same – which is frustrating. It’s like my body was getting too used to it. I’ve got my own little colour in weight loss chart pinned up on my fridge and it’s not been coloured in in ageeeeeees. (see what I mean. I’ve not even bothered to colour in the 12lb circle as it goes up and down every other week) Wedding dress shopping starts in around 11 or 12 weeks and I need to have consistent losses if I’m going to have any idea of what styles of dresses I’m going to suit. It’s crazy how much pressure we put ourselves under for one day right??



So, April comes and I think to myself – oh Herbalife! I lost 30lbs on that the last time in a matter of months, lets give that a go again. It’s been two weeks and I’ve not lost any weight, lost about 3inches in total mind you but silly me never read the ingredients list – OATS. Hellooooo gluten flare up. My first one in 7 months. Safe to say Herbalife has been scrapped. £40 down the drain and a sore tummy to go with it.

What to do now? I’ve started back on Slimming World this morning. Had two MuscleFood low fat pork sausages with two eggs for breakfast (a hell of a lot more filling than a Herbalife shake so some positives already – it’s 11am and I’m still feeling full) and I’ve made up a big chicken salad for lunch. Maybe because I’ve branched away from Slimming World for a few weeks, it might start working again? Who knows. The human body is a complete mystery to me. There was weeks on Slimming World where I would be an absolutely angel – speed speed speed and counting every single syn and I’d stay the same. Yet the week I went out for a 3 course meal and drank a bottle of prosecco to myself I’d lose 3lbs?? Whyyy is that?





I’ve been told numerous times that it sounds like I’m not eating enough. I average around 1200cal per day, maybe that isn’t enough? But I don’t feel like I need to eat anymore. I’m not hungry. I think would just be eating for the sake of it. I’ve done the online calculator where you put in your weight, height etc and it tells you how many calories you should be eating. It comes out at around 1500-1600cal. That seems like a hell of a lot, no? I’m completely lost with it all.

I’m a big water drinker. At least 3litres per day. So I know water isn’t my problem. Or could I be drinking too much?? Arghhh I have no clue. Oh and the X’s where I’ve been ‘off plan’ in those pictures above have literally been for either one meal, or I haven’t counted the butter on my toast/the splash of milk in my coffee so I’ve called that day a write off.. It’s not necessarily been a whole day off plan.

I literally hate exercising. I’ll put my hand up and say it. That doesn’t mean I won’t, but I genuinely do not enjoy it. There’s times where I’m sitting on the couch watching TV and I’ll just jump up, run upstairs and go on the exercise bike. I don’t know what comes over me. It’s like someone else has taken over my body. Which isn’t a bad thing, but that only happens like once every two weeks, if that. I’d love to be one of these people that gets up in the morning and goes for a run, or goes to the gym after work but it just doesn’t interest me. If anything I’ll do a 15minute YouTube work out, or a Joe Wicks one every so often. Should I exercise more?

Who knows. If anyone can shed some light, or some ideas I’d be more than grateful!


xoxo Terri.




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